BOOK FITNESS MODELING WORK: Chronicles of a Working Fitness Personality

This simple and easy-to-read guide gives you the inside scoop on how a published and working fitness personality seals the deal and lands PAID fitness modeling jobs.

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In this Ebook You Will Learn How To...

  • Land A Supplement Sponsorship

    Do you want a supplement sponsor?  You need to be of value and build the right kind of relationship with the prospective sponsor.  Ian’s shares how he did this and landed his first supplement sponsorship as well as tons of tips you can apply today to land your own!

  • Get into the Magazines & Infomercials

    Ian shares the secrets that he applies in each and every meeting to land on the covers and pages of major fitness magazines.   He also shares insider tips that he uses to find his way onto the TV screen in your living room.   Apply these principles and it can be YOU on those screens and pages.

  • Get Paid

    All too often the fitness models and personalities end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to “compensation.”  To get paid in this industry you have to STAY IN THE GAME long enough to build your brand.  In BOOK you’ll learn how to cultivate the necessary relationships to stay in the game and ultimately get paid.

Check Out What Industry Professionals Are Saying About This Ebook

Robert Reiff,

“Ian Lauer has certainly not only proven himself, but his techniques as outlined in this book on how to break in to fitness modeling work. Ian has worked hard to get where he is at and that’s what it takes. As he said in his book, being in great shape and having the look is always a given. The rest is up to you to make happen. Ian, through his years of persistence has been booked successfully for several gigs by myself and clients. He has always been in great shape, on time, properly groomed and never let us down. His book is certainly worth a read for anyone trying to break in to the fitness modeling world.”

Natalie Minh, Author of The Insider's Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling

"Having hired Ian for numerous fitness modeling gigs and an 18 month sponsored athlete contract, I can personally attest to Ian's professionalism and expert business acumen to secure the fitness modeling jobs.  His writing perspective of this book is squarely in the shoes of a working professional - in the trenches starting from the idea, intent, execution, navigating the industry and nurturing the relationships that got him there.  This book is the perfect tactical guide for anyone who wants to learn about what it's like to break into the Los Angeles fitness modeling industry and make a living out of it."

Corey Sayles CPT, Sales & Marketing Manager at Alex Fitness - Castro

"As a relative newcomer to the fitness industry, I constantly read up on the history of fitness, current trends, as well as what many predict the future of fitness will be. Ian Lauer's e-book "Book Fitness Modeling Work" intrigued me as he explains exactly how he made the transition from someone with an idea of becoming a model to one that is branding himself as a multi-faceted brand. I immediately was able to implement a few of the strategies in this book to my current work as a personal trainer. Ian's attitude of "I can do it, so can you" has helped me gain confidence in myself. His simple, yet powerful strategies are a great how-to guide that I will refer to much as I develop my own fitness career."

Clark Bartram, Fitness Celebrity

"Ian Lauer is a student of the industry and more importantly a shining example of how to be a professional in a sea of unprofessionals, I would highly recommend his book as a guideline to help you navigate your way through an industry that is filled with people that are not always out for your best interest."

Austin Lee, Aspiring Fitness Model

"As an aspiring fitness model, there are not many resources for up and coming fitness models or people who want to break into the industry, but this book changes everything. Using true, proven and practical examples on how Ian built his fitness career, this book opened up my eyes to very simple tactics and techniques that will definitely allow me to progress my career. This E-Book is definitely a must for anyone who wants to break into the fitness industry, and get paid!"

Thomas Murphy, Tom Murphy Training

"After getting a taste of some fitness modeling work and even a few sponsorships, I've been hungry for more and I'm always searching for ways to break into new opportunities. I was intrigued by Ian's book not only because it was about the topic I was searching for but because I recognized his name as a respected member of the fitness community I strive to become a part of myself. I am very happy with my purchase and enjoyed his behind the scenes real world examples of how he landed some of his gigs. I love how Ian also put things into perspective and gave me a much bigger dream to strive for. More importantly, he showed me the steps to making that dream become a reality and the motivation to go for it. Ian is a great inspiration to people of all walks of life, not just within the fitness industry. I look forward to reading more of his books and will continue to follow him on his journey.

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